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One To One Infrared Contact Lenses Are Special Contact Lense

Contact lenses are used by poker gamblers with back marked cards to win poker cheat. But there is a problem that has caused the attention of us. It is if some one who is playing poker games at the same table with you with wearing a pair of infrared contact lenses, will he/she see marks of poker cards?

The answer is certain. According the question above, we have a new kind of infrared contact lenses that could make sure the safe when you use this kind of infrared contact lenses. It is called one to one infrared contact lenses. And the working theory of one to one infrared contact lenses is the same as the infrared contact lenses. But we use the one to one invisible ink to mark these poker cards and contact lenses and even other people wear the infrared contact lenses at the same table with you, they can not see the marks on the back of marked cards. The one to one infrared contact lenses are suitable for every kind of eyes.

One to one infrared contact lenses are helpful and useful products for the poker gamblers to cheat at poker games at casinos. And this method is safe and secret. You can use them without any pressure.

ir contact lenses

Most Poker Gamblers Like Using Poker Analyzers

Poker analyzer is a great product that is good for poker gamblers. different poker analyzer has different function that you could use it to win money without any pressure. There are various types that most poker analyzers like them so much.

The most obvious function of poker analyzer is to tell you the biggest winner, cards suits and points, the rank of all poker players in English. But some poker analyzer could tell you in Russian. When barcode marked cards are scanned by poker cameras, our poker analyzer will analyze these barcodes and tells you game result in 0.3 seconds. And the K30 poker analyzer is the latest poker analyzer. It is a real cell phone as well. You could use it to cheat at Texas hold’em, Omaha, Baccarat, Blackjack, Crazy Pineapple and other poker games. And the K20 poker analyzer and MDA poker analyzer are top selling devices.

Poker analyzer can not finish the whole cheating process independently. They need to be with the help of other devices, such as poker camera, barcode marked cards, a remote control and a mini earphone. All these products you could order from our

poker analyzer

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Casino using long distance clock camera lens

People who go to the casino will be fascinated by the grand building and exquisite decoration. But this is not the point, how to win at casino should be the most concern thing for a player. There are varies ways of winning at casino, less people use casino cheating device, this is a good thing for you.

The less people know casino cheating device, the more opportunity you have. I would like to introduce long distance clock camera for you. If you never used poker cheating device before, you can start from practice how to use it. This long distance clock camera lens could scan back marked cards in about 3-4 meters. And there is a remote controller could be used in the casino cheating game. The remote controller could control the signal that sends to the background TV set or computer.

Long distance clock scanning camera

The distance from the clock camera lens and poker analyzer could be 2-6 meters, so that you don’t have to worry about whether the poker analyzer could receive the signal from the camera lens, it’s very good for casino cheating.